Children's Podiatry

Does your child have growing pains?

Have you noticed your child walks differently or tires easily?

These are all issues that may indicate your child should visit a podiatrist.  At Ryan James Podiatry we have a special interest in Children's Podiatry.  Children's feet are different in many ways to adults as they have unique developmental milestones and patterns.  Early treatment and diagnosis of potential foot or biomechanical issues can prevent problems developing or progressing into adulthood.  This can potentially give your child a step forward into achieving a healthy and active lifestyle.

So much of what we see in Children’s Podiatry is growth related and tends to self resolve. However there can be times early intervention is needed. This would include treatment of in-toeing where it is best treated before the age of three.

Treatment could include a combination of methods, patient dependent, for example night splints to allow for normal growth.

Hypermobility is another common condition treated in young children. In the case of a hypermobile flat foot there is pathological forces that stop the foot from developing normally, treating this early may prevent problems down the track.

We treat children of all ages from infants to teenagers for a range of reasons.

The following can be reasons why you may want to bring your child to a podiatrist:

  • recurring pain

  • frequent tripping

  • tiring easily

  • knocked knees

  • uneven shoe wear

  • flat feet

  • walking or standing differently

  • skin rashes

  • ingrown nails

  • intoeing (pigeon toes)

  • juvenile hallux abducto valgus (bunion deformity)


Ryan is our resident specialist children’s podiatrist, so make an appointment to see him today.