Sports Podiatry

Sports injuries to the foot and ankle are exceedingly common in sports.

We understand that a sports specific approach is needed to assessing, treating and preventing injury.

Whether your sport involves high impact pivoting and turning (Soccer, football, netball, basketball, tennis) or your sport involves repetitive stress (distance running, triathlon), we will customise a treatment plan to suit your specific sport and training regime.

Some of the treatments for Sports Podiatry related concerns at our clinic may include:

      • Biomechanics and gait analysis with Techscan Mat technology

      • Orthotic therapy

      • Physical therapy

      • Soft tissue and joint manipulation/mobilisation

      • Dry needling

      • Stretching programs

      • Kinetic or functional taping techniques (e.g. Rocktape)

      • Electrophysical treatments (Shockwave therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, TENS

Our experience in Sports Podiatry can assist athletes of all ages and abilities with performance, injury prevention or recovery.

When used correctly these treatment methods will improve strength and function faster then soft-tissue therapy and exercise therapy alone.

We understand that it often takes a team approach to achieve the best outcome so we will commonly work alongside physiotherapists, osteopaths, physical therapists and General Practitioners.

This multi disciplinary approach is why our practice has such great results.

Ryan and Dannielle are both specialists in sports podiatry, so make an appointment to see one of them today.

Lower Limb Biomechanics and Injury Prevention

Lower limb biomechanics refers to the direction and magnitude of movements to individual joints in the foot, ankle and lower limb. There are some injuries that occur with an underlying biomechanical dysfunction.  In conjunction with a biomechanical assessment we may use Tekscan Mat technology to help explain areas of pressure to the patient.

By assessing walking and running efficiency we can improve function and treat pain.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral neuropathy can be related to a number of conditions including Diabetes. In recent years there has been increased research to find treatment options to reduce or eliminate this neuropathic pain.

At Ryan James podiatry we offer advanced treatment planning for treating peripheral neuropathy.

 We are able to use sural nerve conduction studies in the clinic to take objective measures of nerve function.

The sural nerve conduction study shows excellent correlation to intraepidermal nerve fibre density test (Papanas, 2014).

However using sensory nerve conduction studies we are able to eliminate the need for invasive procedures.

We can measure any physiologic effects on peripheral nerve function to ensure your treatment is having a measurable effect.

 The device used is the DPN check manufactured by Neurometrix. Read more at their website:

Papanas, N., & Ziegler, D. (2014). New vistas in the diagnosis of diabetic polyneuropathy. Endocrine, 47(3), 69

Shockwave Therapy

Do you have chronic pain in the feet or lower limbs?

You may benefit from shockwave treatment.  At Ryan James Podiatry we are proud to be able to provide our patients wih this innovative technology.  Shockwave therapy promotes neovascularisation which promotes new circulation to the damaged tendon or fascia.

Podiatry Today Magazine has named “shockwave therapy as an advanced regenerative healing option for chronic plantar facitis” (Baravarian & Rotem, 2013).

During shockwave therapy a high intensity sound wave interacts with the tissues of the body which promotes healing of the area.


Benefits of Shockwave therapy:

  • No anaesthesia

  • No medication

  • High success rate

  • Non-invasive


Ryan is our resident specialist in shockwave treatment so make an appointment to see him today.


Orthotic Therapy

Orthotic therapy is used to treat biomechanical foot dysfunction. Foot dysfunction is when the foot is not moving as it should. This can place extra stress to bone, ligament and muscles of the foot.

Our Podiatrists may recommend some form of orthotics determined on a patients individual needs this may include a prefabricated device, a heat molded prefabricated device or prescription orthotics.

Prescription Orthotics

Our highly skilled laboratory technicians take special care in fabricating prescription orthotics which meet the highest level of standards. Your orthotics are designed from professional prescription specifications.

They are built to meet your individual biomechanical and lifestyle needs.

We use modern techniques with casting, with a 3D scanner as opposed to an older method of casting. This 3D digital scan of your feet is more accurate and provides our patients with high quality orthotics.

We use state of the art CADCAM technology to mill your orthotic. This method is accurate to 1/20mm. This software eliminates human error for a superior orthotic every time.